The STE-Screen

Accurate and consistent end fractions

Fines separation or final sizing operations are often highly demanding. The purchaser requires clean end fractions that are consistent regardless of external conditions as weather and dampness. Even when the crushing is carried out perfectly and the material is ever so cubical, a poor final screen is devastating. The Swedish manufacturer Maskin Mekano possesses an unique screen box design, the STE screen, well-known for its superior efficiency in relation to screening area.

Powerful stroke, low inclination

The Maskin Mekano STE range is designed to enable screening with high accuracy in conjunction with high capacity. The secret is a powerful stroke combined with low inclination.

Instant stratification for high capacity

A powerful stroke provides fast and effective stratification, i.e. the division of the material flow into beds of different particle sizes. So the fines material cascades to the lower end and is sieved through the screening media. As an aggressive stroke boosts the capacity the STE screen operates with a 12 mm stroke.

Almost horizontal for high accuracy

A slow material transportation over the screening media is required to achieve clean end fractions, as the near-size particles need to be exposed to the meshes sufficiently. Consequently the STE screen is almost horizontal, with an inclination of 11°. This allows for accurate separation of fine and short fractions like 0-2, 2-4, 4-8, 8-11 and 11-16.

Capacity of our double deck screens

Capacity of our triple deck screens

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